M3™: Grow Your Business
Tools that elevate your business to the next level of maturity.

M3™ is BTG's specialized online technology framework that supports its Small Business Program Management and Emerging Business Growth Strategy solutions.

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Develop strategies to compete for opportunities and contracts
Receive information and management tools for business development
Understand what tools are available to successfully execute work with prime contractors
M3™ is preferred.

“We partner on large contracts to manage and cultivate small businesses. As a turnkey solution that manages and cultivates small businesses, M3 minimizes risk and optimizes the inclusion of small businesses on large complex projects, through partnerships with agencies and primes alike.”


M3™ produces reliable results that empower our clients to make informed and deliberate decisions.

Gain access to a wide-variety of management tools tailored to your specific business needs

Prepare small business for opportunities on large-scale projects

Web and mobile-friendly guarantees convienence for businesses to use M3™ anywhere at anytime

Generate reports

Provides graphic representations of management conditions

Collaborate on opportunties with other businesses that are ready.

Customizable readiness tools