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GDOT: Major Mobility Investment Program

Completing a MMIP Readiness Profile and/or MMIP Readiness Tool does not guarantee the award of any type of contract(s)

Georgia Department of Transportation has worked with the Governor and the General Assembly to ensure implementation of a comprehensive set of projects to maintain the state's economic competitiveness and allow Georgia to remain the number #1 state for business. The initial 11 transportation projects will create additional capacity; improve the movement of freight; provide operational improvements and efficiencies; enhance safety and decrease travel times. The projects target key, critical corridors, which if left unaddressed, would negatively impact the movement of freight and people and therefore stymie economic development. Focus on improving conditions within these corridors will positively impact the state's transportation system.

MMIP Goals

  • Support economic development throughout the state of Georgia
  • Improve mobility for people, goods and freight in key transportation corridors statewide, including the metro Atlanta region
  • Relieve traffic congestion and improve travel reliability for improved quality of life

DBE Program

  • A strong partnership with DBE firms is critical to the success of the MMIP program
  • Ongoing outreach opportunities will continue through the life of the program
  • Magnitude of MMIP program will create opportunities for DBE firm growth

GDOT: MMIP Readiness Program

The purpose of the GDOT MMIP Readiness Program is to help you develop your business and obtain contracts with GDOT's MMIP federally funded projects.

The MMIP Readiness Program is collaborating with Program Management Consultants (PMC) and BTG's Management Maturity Model (M3™) to offer the MMIP Readiness Program, an innovative online engagement process for certified disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) to become involved with GDOT's MMIP. To get started, register or login above, and complete a business profile.

After completing a MMIP Readiness profile, we will stay connected with your firm by providing timely information regarding opportunities; direction and education for securing contacts, supportive services from GDOT providers and help you get in position to meet MMIP market demands.